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Missing a Green Thumb? Contact Southern Quality Outdoors

Our landscaper in Charlotte, NC is your solution

You don't need to be a lawn care expert to enjoy a picture-perfect residential or commercial landscape. Southern Quality Outdoors can take care of your landscaping needs, from initial design to ongoing maintenance.

When you call our residential and commercial landscaper in Charlotte for a consultation, we'll come to your property and:

  • Evaluate the state of your landscape
  • Discuss your design ideas
  • Create a landscaping plan
  • Agree on a budget

After you approve of the design, we'll break ground right away so you can enjoy a stunning new landscape as quickly as possible. Schedule an appointment with Southern Quality Outdoors today.

Not sure what kind of greenery to plant?

You don't want to spend hundreds on shrubs, flowers and bushes, only to have them die because they weren't properly planted. Fortunately, our landscaper knows which plants will flourish in the Charlotte area and how to help them thrive.

In addition to landscape design, we offer landscape maintenance and cleanup services. Call 704-351-9733 for a consultation.